Caregivers often experience frustration and confusion as they navigate the medical, legal, and financial Elder Care system. It can be difficult to decide where to start and, more importantly, whom you can trust. When faced with such circumstances, families often engage a Care Manager.

Care Managers act like a football quarterback or as the oil needed for an engine to run smoothly. I help families like yours create a system that actively empowers you to manage the many challenging decisions you must make. It is always an honor to walk with families during what can be a dark time.

Please take a moment to review the scenarios below. If you identify with any of these situations or have your own unique circumstances, please contact Aimee at aimeegustitis@outlook.com.

  • I feel overwhelmed and resentful by the constant care and changing needs of my loved one.
  • How can I help my loved one age at home rather than move them to a continuing care community?
  • My parent requires so much of my time that my marriage and relationship with my own children is starting to suffer.
  • My siblings are not on the same page with regards to my mother’s care and I am tired of trying to create consensus which is taking its toll on my physical and mental health.
  • My parent lives in another state and I need help managing his/her ongoing physical and emotional needs from a distance.
  • Health professionals broached the topic of hospice, but my family is not ready to take that step.
  • Despite all the doctor’s visits and medications my loved one receives, I see no real physical progress or improvement in my loved one’s quality of life.
  • My own health issues are preventing me from providing the care my spouse needs.
Care Management

Are you looking to age well at home? Are you or your loved one faced with a difficult diagnosis and looking for guidance? Take charge of your loved one’s Care Management and contact Aimee for a free consultation.

Online Caregiver Support Groups

Online Caregiver Support Groups are a meaningful way to connect with others in similar circumstances. Please join us to share your hard won wisdom and learn the secrets to caregiving success. “House Calls” are offered daily at 11:00 a.m. EST through the Nourish For Caregivers ministry!

Family Conferences

Are you trying without success to get your family’s attention about your loved one’s health status? Are your loved ones arguing over or distancing themselves from the realities of aging? Family Conferences are an effective tool to bring everyone to the table in a neutral setting. Contact Aimee today to schedule a free Family Conference evaluation.